Rubbing and Polishing

It removes a fine layer of your car's paint to get rid of scratches and other imperfections. In order the stains on the top most layer of your car paint, rubbing is being done. The rubbing compound will be abrasive enough to remove the damaged layer of paint and reveal the original color beneath. Rubbing is a process which results in removal of stains and marks on the car’s paint surface, and gives your car a smooth and neat look. Polishing is done basically to smoothen the surface of paint and provide a glossy shine to your cars painted surface.

Exterior Car Detailing involves :

  • Total exterior Rubbing & Polishing
  • Protective coat on the car's exterior
  • Removing minor scratches from exterior
  • Restores the original paint finish and gets the shine back

We used international Standard rubbing compound and Polishing solution with combination of standard pads & machine.