Shopping Center - Supermarket Cleaning Services

Every retail shop or super market have their own unique cleaning needs and with our resilient cleaning methodologies, we are confident to bring you value to your store and business. Customers would be attracted to cleaner and organized places for shopping instead of dirtier and clumsy places. With our cleaning processes, you will not have to even think about how better you can manage your shopping Centre Cleaning or Supermarket cleaning.

Our diverse solutions are -

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Large floor cleaning
  • Windows and door cleaning
  • Lobby and hall surface cleaning
  • Public area cleaning
  • Washrooms and rest rooms cleaning
  • Multiplex chair & sofa cleaning
  • Cleaning and sanitization of bins
  • Floor cleaning including waxing and regular maintenance

These services are customized to deal with the kind of space you have and your surrounding location to offer solutions that you need and not what we offer which ensures that the services are meeting your requirements, frequency and circumstances. 

Why choose us?

Clean Fresh Innovative would not just help serve your cleaning needs but also helps increase your business. We know that people will shop around in places that are neat and appealable and we bring that feel for your customer’s thereby increasing probability of your business.