Water Tank Cleaning

Clean Fresh Innovative offers mechanized cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks, We ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. We provide comprehensive and highly valued solutions for water tank cleaning.

Our professional water tank cleaning step are :

  • Step 1 - Cleaning of Surroundings
  • Step 2 - Dewatering
  • Step 3 - Sludge Removal
  • Step 4 - Scrubbing
  • Step 5 - High Pressure Cleaning
  • Step 6 - Vacuum Cleaning
  • Step 7 - Anti Bacteria Spray

Contaminated water is the most common causes of illness to mankind ,around 60% of diseases caused to human beings are water borne, with children below 5 year are more susceptible. One of the most usual ways of drinking water getting contaminated , is through water storage tanks – the cleaning of which is either neglected or inappropriate means like the services of local plumber sweepers/casual laborers, watchmen or unprofessional way but Clean Fresh innovative having professional dedicated team for cleaning of water tanks which ensure the complete health of our client and satisfaction